The fourteen-acre resort and marina, located in the heart of the Florida Keys, is a collection of varied architectural styles and scales that have merged over the past sixty-five years. The renovation will include the restoration of two existing swimming pools, a new retail promenade with bars and restaurants including an oceanfront event space to host weddings and social gatherings.
Our design strategy introduces a paving material hierarchy to clearly define a circulation network for guests to navigate the property and unify the diverse building styles.
The existing tree canopy has severely declined due to factors such as lethal yellowing disease and tropical storms over time.

Using historical photos as a precedent, the planting design sought to re-establish a diverse and dense canopy structure that once was while providing additional shade for outdoor spaces.
The property is further unified through the use of a native and subtropical plant palette that provides a lush backdrop while framing views through the property toward the Atlantic Ocean horizon.