Situated atop the 14th Floor of a medical office high-rise, the V-Tower roof garden offers sweeping panoramic views of the surrounding urban landscape.
Our design strategy shapes circulation patterns and topographic variations to align with contextual views of the Atlantic Horizon and developing Aventura Skyline. Linear concrete benches merge with sculptural landforms providing a variety of seating arrangements and social gathering spaces.
Native grasses blanket the sloped ground plane capturing ephemeral qualities of light, wind and seasonal change. Arching Sabal Palms and native multi-trunk trees provide shade while casting shadows on paved surfaces, which extend into the building interior.
We developed a series of planters that allow plant species to cascade down the building façade concealing parking levels and promoting open-air ventilation to the parking garage. The integration of plant materials and architecture provided an opportunity create vibrant textural compositions on the building exterior that will be seen approaching from the street level.